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Universally Designed Bath

  Universally Designed Pediatric Hospice Room  

Linteriors (Interior, Kitchen and Bath Designer) and
Peak Properties (Builder)
  • Awarded the 1998 Enable Magazine Showcase Award for the following house design
Our goal is to design for flexibility, making everyday tasks easier and more convenient for as many different ages and ability levels as possible. Incorporating aesthetically pleasing ideas and products that are easy to use and future oriented further contributes towards the enjoyment of the space designed.

Home features include:

  • 1960 square feet
  • 3 bedroom
  • Open floor plan to facilitate ease of movement
  • Rounded corners on everything from countertops to lever handles to wall corners
  • Contrasting colors in finishes to give visual cues
  • Programmable thermostat mounted for easy reach
  • Heated garage/garage door opener
  • 2 peepholes at different levels in the front door
  • Movable door bell/flashing light
  • Non-glare lighting on all corners
  • Low maintenance cork flooring in kitchen
  • Hand held shower and pull-out faucets
  • Motorized cook top with side-mounted controls
  • Motorized kitchen sink
  • Raised dishwasher for ease of loading
  • Convection oven has side-swing door with pull-out shelf next to it
  • Movable cart built into varying height cabinetry
  • Dryer and front load washer are raised off the floor
  • Use of triangular shaped corner toilet and corner tub allows access from either side
  • Vertical grab bars double as hand-shower holders with a special attachment
  • Lighting operated by rocker switches, outlets placed for accessibility
  • Futures planning includes multiple phone jacks in every room, track lighting adaptable to varying needs, plywood backed walls in bathroom and closets for grab bars.
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